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Tips for Shopping Second-Hand

If you’ve ever been to our store you’ll find we’re not your typical retail store. We are a second-hand children’s consignment and buyout store. We are constantly sorting through items and typically putting out 500+ new products each week.

1. Second-hand shopping is a marathon, not a sprint!

Instead of treating any store visit as your one opportunity to get what you need, think of the bigger picture. You are slowly building your ideal pieces, a great wardrobe for your children takes time!

2. Make second-hand shopping a habit!

Like shopping for groceries or dropping off dry cleaning, I have made a visit to the local thrift store part of my routine. Upon your visit, quickly go through racks waiting for something to catch your eye. That way, every visit is short and sweet since a lot of the merchandise I’ve seen before. It also makes it easy to spot what’s new and noteworthy.

3. Don’t be disappointed!

The majority of your shopping trips may not actually involve buying anything. We would love if it did! However, we completely understand if we didn’t have something you wanted, that’s why you must always stay optimistic that you’ll find something another time if there’s nothing remarkable on the racks. This saves you money for your next trip!

We always tell our customers, Take a Peek Every Week! You might miss some amazing pieces!

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Winter adventures for the Whole Family!


It’s Winter!

Does your family love winter adventures?

We sure do! Here are some of our favourite activities to do with our families during the winter months.

  1. Go for a Winter Hike – the scenery can be breathtaking!
  2. Go Skating – it was so cute teaching our kids to skate! Harmony Square in Downtown Brantford is a perfect spot!
  3. Build a Snowman – in your backyard or on the front lawn for everyone to see, how about have the contest of who can build the biggest one?
  4. Snowball fight anyone? Who doesn’t love a good ol’ throw down?
  5. Tobogganing – how fast can you go?
  6. Winter Carnivals and Festivals – you’ll find something for everyone in the family!
  7. Stay indoors with some delicious hot chocolate – mhmmm!
 Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments some of your favourite family winter adventures!