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Winter adventures for the Whole Family!


It’s Winter!

Does your family love winter adventures?

We sure do! Here are some of our favourite activities to do with our families during the winter months.

  1. Go for a Winter Hike – the scenery can be breathtaking!
  2. Go Skating – it was so cute teaching our kids to skate! Harmony Square in Downtown Brantford is a perfect spot!
  3. Build a Snowman – in your backyard or on the front lawn for everyone to see, how about have the contest of who can build the biggest one?
  4. Snowball fight anyone? Who doesn’t love a good ol’ throw down?
  5. Tobogganing – how fast can you go?
  6. Winter Carnivals and Festivals – you’ll find something for everyone in the family!
  7. Stay indoors with some delicious hot chocolate – mhmmm!
 Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments some of your favourite family winter adventures!