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Are you a new mom? Check out these helpful tips!


Are you a new mom? Check out these helpful tips!

New mom with a beautiful baby boy or girl?

We want to assist you by providing these helpful tips to take some of the pressure off of you.

1. Chasing ZZZs

The good news? Newborns sleep an average of 14 to 16 hours a day. The not-so-good news? Most get their shut-eye just a few hours at a time. Avoid feeling like an extra on The Walking Dead by actually following that age-old advice: Nap when baby naps — and start immediately after you put the baby down. Don’t go around and clean your house! The clock is ticking; you need to lie down. Take comfort in knowing that the uninterrupted shut-eye won’t last forever.

2. Get Prepped

At 3 weeks, babies’ days and nights become more predictable, and you can focus on yourself in addition to your newborn. One way to do that is by reducing your stress level – and having everything ready for your hungry baby and yourself is one way to do that. Start by prepping for the next feeding as soon as the previous one is over. For example, after an 11 p.m. feeding, get ready for the 2 a.m. one by prepping whatever you need for feeding and putting out fresh drinking water for yourself so you don’t have anything to think about in the middle of the night. During the day, just like we said above, take advantage of the baby’s naps to work out, shower or catch up on e-mail, or actually take a nap too.

3. Let your baby have some daddy time!

Make sure your baby has ample time alone with Daddy. His touch and voice are different than yours, and this will begin a bonding process and give you a break. Plus, it gets the baby used to being with someone other than you. The first few times can be hard. Make sure your baby is fed and well rested, as this will give you at least one or two hours before you’re needed again. Then leave Dad and the baby alone. If you stay nearby, make sure the baby can’t see or hear you and resist the urge to go into the room and “fix” things if she starts crying. Your baby cries with you and you experiment to find out what’s wrong. Dads need time to do this too – in their own way. By allowing this time, your child will learn there is more than one way to receive comfort, which will help immensely when you leave your baby with a sitter or another family member for the first time.

4. Spa Day!

Sooner or later, even the most head-over-heels mom needs a break. Aim to go out baby-free for at least a couple of hours or so every week to give yourself a breather.

5. Layer your baby’s crib

When a baby has a diaper blowout or upset tummy in the middle of the night, it can be hard on both mom and baby to have to completely unmake the crib or bassinet and change all the sheets – and all the fussing makes it that much harder to get the baby back to sleep. So I put two layers of sheets and waterproof mattress covers on the crib mattress at a time (mattress cover, sheet, mattress cover, sheet). That way, we can just pull off the top two layers, change her and put her back to bed!

Do you have other helpful tips for new mother’s when your children were newborns? Let us know in the comments. Also, check out this helpful video from Youtuber RachhLovesLife


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